Tipstudio, co-founded by Imma Matera and Tommaso Lucarini, is a Florentine creative duo operating in different fields of design with an experimental approach. She is a product designer and he is a designer maker, they are determined to transform any idea into a narrative and emotional products. Tipstudio deal with design in a continuous investigation on the needs and the relationship that man creates with the objects. Their research is a dialogue about art, design and craft with a deep care of matter, process and details. In their works they investigate a strong material expressiveness to generate sensorial experiences. They are linked to the roots of a territory through a personal and poetic vision. Currently they work with expert artisans, brands and companies to create new productions and limited editions. 

Tipstudio believes in the narrative and emotion power of an object.


2021 / 3CO DESIGN, Curated by Silvana Annichiarico and powerd by Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale, Italian Institute of Culture in Prague

2021 / Present Continuous by Nèo Design Italiano, 5VIE, Milan  

2020 / Edit Napoli, Curator Domitilla Dardi, Emilia Petruccelli.

Complesso Monumentale del San Domenico, Naples, IT

2020 / Materia sospesa, digital exhibition curated by Antonio Aricò

2019 / Spotted, curated by Federica Sala at Riviera, Milan, IT

2019 / Materia design Festival, Catanzaro Design week, Catanzaro, IT

2019 / Più Gusto al Design, Fuorisalone Milan Design week, Milan, IT


2018 / PNA design section Finalist exhibition, Palazzo Vecchio,

Florence, IT

2018 / Calabria Souvenir, Catanzaro Design week, Catanzaro, IT

2018 / Fuori Salone, Gobbetto Showroom, Milan, IT

2018 / Lovely Waste, Fuorisalone Milan Design Week, Milan, IT

2017 / Materia design Festival, Catanzaro Design week, Catanzaro, IT

2017 / Homo Faber, Pietrasanta, IT


2016 / Maker Fair, Rome, IT

2016 / Course exhibition, Kuopio Design week, Kuopio, FIN


2015 / Meravigliosi Marmi, Italian Cultural Institute, New York, NY


2019 / 1st place 'Materia Design Festival' with Apollineo

2018 / 3rd place at 'Montelupo Ceramic Award' with Memorie 

2017 / 1st place at 'Materia Design Festival' with Cumula