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Vases for Artieri 1895

Fog is a research path on alabaster with the aim of investigate new approaches to stone processing enhancing fully its characteristics. An Indefinite veil of fog, sinuous, where the softness of the material like a thick cloud wraps and sometimes hides what it incorporates. 


Alabaster, varnished metal


Ø124 H300 mm




Open Edition


Irene Montini


Available through Artieri 1895

The lightness, transparency and thicknesses' limits of Alabaster become the protagonists. Tipstudio highlights the sensorial and phisical aspects on the material. A vases collection with pure shapes with soft lines in which the translucency of alabaster gives spatiality to the object. The tactile and visual suggestions that the raw material tells inside is contrasted by the simplicity and essentiality of the metal cylinder painted with RAL colors which gives the object dynamism.

The hand follows and reads the gradual transition of the material. Natural light penetrates the object, it reveals and then hides. A sensorial experience takes place when you touch the object and you perceive a warm and velvety material.

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