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for De Castelli

A series of curved brass sheets form the base of SINESTESIA, the console table encapsulating the solidity and expressiveness of metal. With rounded edges, the leaf-like top of the console rests on the curvature of the metal sheets below, playing with positive and negative space to define the essential structure of this piece.


Brushed brass, DeErosion H11 finishing for internal side


W120 D35 H92 cm




Alberto Parise

Designed for:

Profound depths and airy geometries define this console which, through its surfaces, emphasises the expressive potential and sensory nature of brass, celebrating De Castelli's metalworking savoir-faire. The unique finishing on the inner surface of the vertical elements, inspired by natural erosion processes, highlights the contrast with the polished outer surface and underscores the essential geometric contours of the piece.

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