Cumula reinterprets in playful and ironic way an object of daily use as the result of the meeting among tradition and innovation. 

Cumula brings us back to the importance of the gesture and at the same time it strongly returns us a to a territorial investigation.

Each souvenir tells a story of the roots, the identity and to the people of a place through a personal experience. The collection narrate and evoke fragments of the city through the sense of smell by tracing an ideal map of aromas linked to the territory. The ceramic and wood shapes recall to typical architectural element of the chimney pots and recreate an ideal landscape made by layers in which the perfume becomes the guide for an imaginary journey that involves the person. Each Cumula to be used requires interaction with the person who blows inside the spout to release the aroma from the upper impregnated stick. All the piece are made in glazed ceramic and lathe-worked wood involving local artisans to be manufactured. The chromaticism take inspiration from the colours associated to each element.

Cumula - map - tipstudio.jpg

Winner project at Materia Design Festival 2017


Glazed ceramic and wood. Ceramics parts are manufactured  by Paolo Lorusso, Italy

Photo credit Tipstudio