Emotional souvenir

Cumula is a product that reinterprets in playful and ironic way an object of daily use, the result of the meeting among tradition and innovation, which brings us the importance of the gesture, but at the same time it strongly returns us a territory experience. Each souvenir tells a story, the identity of a place, people, personal experiences. A collection of glazed ceramic and lathe-worked souvenirs that tell the story of the city of Matera. The collection performe formally the chimneys of the roofs of Sassi and recreate a landscape made of layers, where the main theme is the smell: smell of murgia, brazier, cave, bread, etc…The use of the product allows the interaction with the consumer.

N. 3 

Murgia - Gravina river

N. 5 

Brazier - Al Calderaio

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