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Territorial diffusers - Matera European Capital of Culture 2019

Cumula is a research project made through the sense of smells around the area of Sassi of Matera. Each place has a story, a popular identity related to the historical roots, activities carried out, folkloric traditions and personal experiences. Cumula evokes fragments of the city through the sense of smell by defining an ideal scents map linked to the material and immaterial aspect of the territory


Glazed ceramic, Beech wood


n.6 H170 L70 W125 mm

n.3 H240 L70 W125 mm

n.5 H220 L70 W125 mm




Limited edition




Winner project at Materia Design Festival 2017

At each place corresponds a specific and unique aroma. Cumula brings us back to the importance of the gesture and at the same time it strongly returns us to a territorial analysis. A sensorial interaction is required: the person blows inside the spout to release the aroma from the upper impregnated stick.

The ceramic and wood shapes reinterpret the typical architectural element of the chimney pots and recreate an ideal landscape made by layers in which the perfume becomes the guide for an imaginary journey that involves the person. 

All the diffusers are made in glazed ceramic and lathe-worked wood involving local artisans to be manufactured. The chromaticism takes inspiration from the colors associated with each element. 

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