Secondo Fuoco

Bronze and Slags Collection

project in collaboration with Fonderia Artistica Versiliese

Secondo Fuoco is an investigation into slags, the scum thrown off that floats on the surface of molten metals. The project is the result of two years of researching and experimenting this impure matter as a material for the design in a link between the the traditional approach to foundry culture and the spontaneity of metals. In collaboration with the Fonderia Artistica Versiliese of Pietrasanta, they explore different experimental processes: From the easier direct bronze and slags casting in open moulds, to more structured systems that integrate with lost wax casting process to obtain both simple and complex shapes. 

To bring the scorie to their apex of expression, Tipstudio catalogue, trim, mill and stick them together with wax, into a recast Secondo Fuoco (second fire).

Slag has been therefore combined with with molten bronze, which has taken the place of wax, and acts as a binder and structural element. 

Formally and morphologically antithetical at first glance the objects appear cold and static. Functional and material sculptures each containing its inverse, its exact contrary. The works reveal themselves to the physical interaction: formal rigidity flows into a free, dynamic and material explosion highlighting the spontaneity of the dross. A crude skin envelopes and protects the inside brightness of pieces in a dialogue between the impurity of the scoria and the purity of bronze. The initial coldness is replaced by curiosity of the person who touches, follows and reads the harmonic movement of the surfaces. Casted objects of the collection have linear, even brutalist shapes, in limited edition where waste and imperfection become part of the collection. Tables, lamps, vases and mirrors find balance in the combination with elements in steel, crystal and marble to enhance the material hybridization that is the basis of the entire project. 

By combining scoria with molten metal Tipstudio offers a reflection on the multiple souls of matter: Its mineral origin, re-obtained by smelting processes, and its artificiality drove by man.

"We have always been attracted by that foamy mass that emerges from the molten metal like landmass whose nature fascinates and intrigues at the same time."

Ph . Nicolò Panzeri

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