BRONZE PAPER - 2019 - on going

Lost Papers is a collection of object born in 2019 from paper and cardboard packaging find around a marble studio in Pietrasanta.

Each piece start from a sheets of paper cutted, bended, splicing and fixed with a thin layer of wax to create complex and organic structures later casted in bronze. The result is a kind of textured paper spider web that combines the feeling of lightness of the paper with the solidity and brightness of the white bronze. The high fluid rate of the molten bronze allows an exact replica of the structures. Due that the paper molds burn during the casting, each piece is unique. More project soon.

Project in collaboration with Fonderia Artistica Versiliese


All the pieces are one of a kind. Slight variations in shape and surface may form due the process adopted.


White satin bronze / 

Photo credit Tipstudio