Mediterranean collection 


Leccese stone, calcarenite, maiolica tiles

Winner project at Materia Design Festival 2019

Ph: Nicolò Panzeri

The Mediterranean is the melting pot of our society, a meeting place and cultural exchange. A set of influences that is reflected in the architecture of the place characterized by the relationship with the landscape, the simplicity, the clarity of shapes and colours.

A union of classic and contemporary beauty as well as the one between materials and culture touched by the waters of the Mare Nostrum, gives life to Apollineo. The collection is a sequence of pure volumes separated from each other, shapes marked by time, corroded by water and wind. Its colours are warm as the Southern Sun. Its surfaces decorated by hand with bright majolica tiles with geometric patterns create an original play of reflections, lights and shadows, grooves and three-dimensional facets. Starting from a quarry ashlar of Calcarenite, a material of marine origin that contains fossils and shells inside, all the products are first worked with numerical control then finished by hand. Stone and clay, basic elements of the architecture of the Mediterranean basin, give rise to miniature architectures that can decorate domestic environments.


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