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for De Castelli

MONOLÌTE is a sculptural / architectonic screen designed fo De Castelli that, like a solid body smoothed by nature's erosive elements, evokes geological formations along its surface.  It is characterised by its precise clean, graphic lines.


Brushed brass, DeErosion H11 finishing for internal side


W90 D46.5 H184 cm




Alberto Parise

Designed for:

A vertical element constituted by two symmetrical, concave brass metal sheets that come together at the back. The curves of the brass structure emphasise the malleability of the material and create an atmosphere of spatiality within the room, instilling a sense of depth in the item. Within they conceal a light source, which shines mysteriously from a hidden crevice. Sharp contrast between the rough, uneven texture of the inner surface, and the outer surface, with its notably smooth and reflective brushed finish, defines the partition.

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