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Residency at Masseria Cultura

Ritmo Quotidiano comes from our art residency at Masseria Cultura in Valle d’Itria in Apulia. The project has been inspired by the feelings and sounds coming from the surrounding landscape: the noise of the wheat moved by the wind, the cowbells of the grazing animals and the rustle of the air in the empty Trulli.


Iron, patinated Brass


W100 H220 cm




Site specific installation​


Giuseppe Manzi, TIPSTUDIO


In southern Italy and specially in Apulia at the entrance of the houses there is often a curtain, a decorative element full of symbols embroidered with lace and beads. 

We have actively explored the area by transposing its folkloric, magical-religious and material aspects into a material veil to be placed at the entrance of one of the trulli that blends with the surrounding area. We related with the materials found on spot to generate new interactions in a hand-sewn metal curtain which recalls the tambourines and traditional objects of the Apulian culture with an artisanal value.

180 hand-cut discs in polished and patinated iron and brass are connected together and left free to be carried by the wind in a Ritmo Quotidiano (daily rhythm). They reflect the red of the earth, the green of the oil trees and the gold of the sun of the Valle d’Itria, like hair that sounds caressed by the wind and shines with the light of the sun.

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