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Vases for Artieri 1895

Loto from <lotum>, mud, identifies a mixture of earths of different origins and chalk in which the objects have movements and tensions always different, each with their own individuality and uniqueness.


Mixt of different earths, sand, chalk


2021 - on going


One of a kind




Loto is a traveling project

Each place corresponds to a different earth with its colours and shades. A carefully selected earth and fibers after being sieved and ground are blended with chalk to give more structure and then follow a slow dehydration. Loto symbolizes a journey through Italian territory, a traveling project in which the earth, the first element connected to the roots of man, becomes a cohesion and identification factor.

Autochthonous pieces made in km0, whose shapes recall the spontaneous natural conformations and as such they always have different and unique morphologies with vibrant textures and tones.

The mirrors series celebrates the spontaneity of the gesture that remains imprinted on matter as visual image and physical and sensory experience through an essentiality made of craftsmanship, stories and landscapes. A raw frame for always clear and celestial skies.

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